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Things: Which pages on your website tend to get the most traffic? Do you have a specific set of products that you want to focus on? Optimizing for these product pages or your most popular pages should be your first step. Creating workflows for e-commerce has very specific requirements. Properly named images including keywords in the title and body text Adding image alternative attributes metadata all fall under this category. What Your Competitors Are Doing Knowing what your competitors are doing will put you ahead of the curve. Look at their work and find ways to do it better. Don’t forget that rep conversion rate optimization should follow. We will discuss this in further detail. Ecommerce Strategy Best Practices Let’s review some of the best tips for ecommerce websites to help.

Make it easier for them to find your products

While you don’t need to overuse them Bosnia and Herzegovina Telemarketing Data at every opportunity they should definitely be present in the copy. You need to use primary keywords on product pages especially on title category page meta description subtitle description and image alt attributes. You need to intersperse or latent semantic index keywords throughout the text to help provide some context to the content. Research Analysis Do some keyword research when deciding what keywords to use. Get a good idea of how often users are searching for it, keyword search volume, what people are looking for when using it in searches and how competitive it is in terms of advertising or cost per click. Keyword research will help you decide what to use on your e-commerce website.

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Researching search volume for which

Keywords will provide you with good keyword Belgium Phone Number List suggestions and give you an idea of the level of interest in a specific keyword. Obviously higher search volume indicates higher popularity and using that keyword will result in more active searches where you are likely to be at the top. User intent tells you what people are looking for when they use a keyword in a search engine query. If you can figure out the user’s intent for a keyword you’ll be better able to set yourself up to show up in . Looking at the average cost-per-click will tell you how much advertisers pay per click when purchasing ads using specific keywords. If the CPC is high then competition is fierce. You may want to consider using this if there is a lot of competition for the keyword you want to use.

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