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Claim your right to free speech by using Murf’sAdjust the emphasis, punctuation and pitch of AI voices to closely match your creative idea.

flexible tool, you can experiment and create voices that are ideal for your characters, stories, and marketing messages, creating many innovative possibilities.

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Murf AI provides a richr programmers and companies telephone list looking to incorporate sophisticated text-to-speech capabilities into their products and services.

powerful tool, you can use Murf’s AI voices directly in your projects, enabling seamless and dynamic voice generation to meet your specific needs.

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One user can get started without spending any money. With the “Free” plan, which provides 10 minutes of. Voice generation and transcription, access. To more than 120 voices, and basic features.

The “Basic” package, which comes with commercial use. Rights and licensed soundtracks, costs $29 per user per month and offers. Unlimited downloads. And 2 hours of voice generation per user every month.

Unlimited downloads, access to all 120+ voices. In 20+ languages ​​and accents, and four hours of voice generation. Are all included in the “Pro” plan, which costs $39 per user every month.

For BLB Directory personalization and unrestricted access, the “Enterprise” subscription is preferred, which costs $99 per user. Per month (paid annually at $5940).

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