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To achieve the same with employees, the company cannot change its opinion every so often: it has to think about what interests the employees to highlight about it and act accordingly. gamification Gamification (applying the rules of the game to activities that are not) is one of the marketing techniques that has been gaining the most followers in recent years.

The Dangers Of Digital

It is that customers respond better if they have a reason: to win prizes, recognition, to feel specialMore and more companies Bulk SMS Myanmar apply this marketing technique with their employees: for example, the figure of the “employee of the month” is a way of gamifying at work. There is also the achievement of objectives and meetings and events outside the office, which often reward skills that do not correspond to the job position.

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Purification And Reuse Techniques

Such as careers, preparing recipesAll this so that the employee can have a good time, Get involve in the company’s activities and improve your job prospects. Involve department heads Anyone who is in charge of a team of people must be BLB Directory aware of the company’s philosophy and apply the same values ‚Äč‚Äčthat they want to highlight with their work team. It would be useless for management to be accessible and to facilitate communication if employees cannot talk to their project manager.


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