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The departments will be responsible for making the resources entruste profitable and for getting the most out of them. Once the period is over, it will be time to . A do the math: the budgets may or may not have been . A met. In the first case, there is nothing more than to congratulate and reward those responsible; in the second there will be deviations.

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Either because the budgets were made badly or because there are causes that do explain these deviations in reality. It is very important that, as managers,we ever receive a report saying that in ourĀ  there are deviations, we demand Bulk SMS UAE explanations of these. There are a series of errors when making.budgets that we . A must avoid: Setting unrealizable objectives or without having studie the environment or market in which you are competing.

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The objectives – and the derive budgets – cannot be formulate without carrying out an exhaustive analysis of all the BLB Directory market agents: customers . A suppliers, current and potential competitors and substitute products. The budgets . A are a derivative of the objectives , it is not enough to go to the budgets of previous years and replicate them.


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