How to Change Xbox Email Without Losing Data

Changing the email associated with your Xbox account can be necessary due to various reasons, such as a change in your primary email address or the need for increased security. Fortunately, Microsoft has streamlined the process, allowing you to make this adjustment without losing any of your valuable gaming data or progress. Follow the steps below to smoothly transition to a new email while retaining all your Xbox-related information.

Log into Your Xbox Account

Access your Xbox account by signing into your console or visiting the official Xbox website. Use your current email and password to Laos email list log in. Once logged in, navigate to your account settings. On the Xbox console, this can usually be found by scrolling left from the Home screen to access the side menu.

Choose Sign-in, security & passkey

Email List

In the Account Info section, select “Sign-in, security & passkey.” This is where you can manage various security settings, including your email. Under the “Security” section, look for the option to change your email address. Click on this option to initiate the email change process. You will need to verify your new email address. Microsoft will send a verification code to your new email.

Confirm Changes

Once the verification code is accepted, you’ll be prompted to confirm the changes. Review the updated email address and make sure it’s correct BLB Directory before finalizing the process. After confirming the change, it’s recommend to review and update your contact information, including your phone number, alternate email, and security questions. This will ensure that you can easily recover your account if needed.

Sign in with New Email

From this point forward, you will use your new email address to sign into your Xbox account. Your old email will no longer be associat with your account. The great news is that all your game progress, achievements, friends list, and other Xbox-related data remain unaffected by this email change. You can seamlessly continue your gaming journey with your updated email address.

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