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The Spanish network of Smart Cities (RECI) , a state association of localities that lead innovation systems in their field, tries to . A stimulate activities in this regard to promote optimal management of infrastructures and services at a minimum cost with a view to attracting of economic activity. In order to determine various issues relate to smart cities that are also new.

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Procee with the standardization of this matter in our country, AENOR in collaboration with the Secretary of State for Telecommunications SMS Gateway Denmark and the Information Society (SETSI) of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has promote the creation of the AECN/CTN 178 “Smart Cities” Standardization Committee . It is estimate that throughout 2015 a wide range of regulations.

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Approve in relation to different aspects relate to smart cities. At the international level, there are currently some projects in BLB Directory relation to this area, such as ISO 37101 in relation to sustainable development and community resilience , expande concept of city or ISO 37151 , which includes aspects relate to metrics linke to the performance.


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