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Ensures sustainable economic, social and environmental development in permanent improvement. A smart city allows citizens to interact with it in a multidisciplinary way and adapts in real time to their nees, efficiently in terms of quality and costs, offering open data, solutions and services aime at citizens as people, to resolve the effects of growth of cities.

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In public and private spheres, through the innovative integration of infrastructures with intelligent management systems. Some SMS Gateway Denmark of the greatest difficulties when deciding whether a city is smart or not are relate to semantics, given the . A nee to use a common language, and the metric to use, that is, whatset of parameters are to be chosen and how.

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They will be classifie and evaluate. We know that cities are very different both in their natural elements, the physical space they occupy, and their social elements, therefore it is essential to define a set of attributes that allow the BLB Directory identification of smart cities.and if possible, it also allows the expression of one’s . A own specificities making use of these same attributes.


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