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Acting as a minimum guarantee of sufficient remuneration. In this regard, the incidence of the SMI is limite, since it is applie to a small number of workers, those who are not covere by collective bargaining; However, for these workers, the SMI constitutes their effective remuneration and the only guarantee of right that our Constitution recognizes to a sufficient remuneration.

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However, in addition to the indicate direct or labor effect, the SMI had multiple indirect effects that have been attribute to it in Bulk SMS Australia very different legal or conventional norms, and it is precisely these effects that have prevente the SMI from evolving at the beginning of the year 2000 in accordance with the sufficiency requirement that is include in article 35 of the Constitution.

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That Require This and the Seriousness

In contrast to the limite incidence of the SMI in its function of guaranteeing the minimum salary, the indirect effects of the SMI were very large. Thus, firstly, the SMI had been use as an income level indicator that allowe access to BLB Directory certain benefits or the application of certain measures. For example, in eucational regulations, for the receipt of scholarships and the payment of fees.


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