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The proceural field, for access to the benefits of free justice or the determination of reimbursable advances; in housing regulations, for access to subsidize housing and rental review, or in tax regulations, to determine the minimum tax exemptions, income from children with the right to deuct, fees, transfer tax or certain local taxes, among others. In order to guarantee the function of the interprofessional minimum wage as a minimum wage guarantee.

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Employe workers, the SMI disassociate itself from the effects or purposes other than wages and for this, in 2004 a new reference SMS Gateway Chile was create, which is the public indicator of income of multiple effects (IPREM) There is an open debate about the advisability of raising the SMI, some arguing that it is a brake on job growth and others.

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It May Carry Out an Employment Regulation File

Especially from the point of view of the unions, the nee to increase it to 1,000 euros in the coming years. Bearing in mind that, for most BLB Directory workers, wages constitute their only source of income, having a main role in people’s quality of life and that the existence of a minimum wage entails associate social and economic benefits, among others.


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