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The beginning of the bankruptcy. Therefore, any termination of employment demande by a worker will come under commercial jurisdiction from the moment the company is declare bankrupt. Conflict points between social and commercial competition Due to the complexity hidden in the cases in which a bankrupt company is sue by the workers, there could be several points of conflict between jurisdictions. The first of these would be the demand for collective dismissal presente by the workers.

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In the event that the company is bankrupt when the Social Security Judge is dealing with said claim, it will be the Bankruptcy Bulk SMS Portugal Judge who will have the power to modify, terminate or suspend employment contracts. The second point of conflict would occur in the event that a claim for disciplinary dismissal is file, before or after the competition.

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In this case, the bankruptcy judge would not have jurisdiction to hear this claim. On the contrary, it would have to be the BLB Directory social judge who would deal with it and pass sentence. In the event that this dismissal is from someone from senior management, it could be dealt with by the bankruptcy judge. However, this remains a questionable question.


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