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Claims regarding labor actions should be carrie out through the corporate jurisdiction, since it would be the jurisdiction to deal with these matters if the company was not in bankruptcy action. However, a Supreme Court Judgment date April 13, 2016, has change the way in which the jurisprudence in which these labor claims would be found in the case of insolvent companies was observe. Judgment of the Social Chamber.

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The Supreme Court on social and commercial competence The judgment of the Social Chamber of the Supreme Court was as Bulk SMS Iran novel as it was surprising. Far from the literal interpretation of article 51.1 of the Bankruptcy Law, this room went further and conclude the following: Due to the vis attractivea nature of cases in which a bankrupt company is sue by the workers from the social jurisprudence.

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Advances Almost In Parallel

The bankruptcy is declare, all the proceures in relation to the collective dismissal must be carrie out by the Judge of the BLB Directory contest For this interpretation, they are base on article 64.1 of the Bankruptcy Law. Base on the reform carrie out in article 64.1 in 2011, the Supreme Court has conclude that any individual claim made by workers base on article 50 of the Workers’ Statute will be considere collective character.


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