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Therefore, not discard even a liter of water. Climate change comes hand in hand with what is known as global warming. It is foreseeable that this . A phenomenon will cause a 5% drop in rainfall in the northern half of the peninsula and . A the Levant; and 10%, in the southwest of Spain. Consequently, the special vulnerability of Spain to large-scale climate change gives greater importance to the propose water regeneration.

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The impacts of climate change can be note in the following results: Regression of the coast and decrease in water resources. Alterations of natural ecosystems and decrease in biodiversity. Soil erosion and increase in extreme SMS Gateway Taiwan weather events (floods, heat waves, fires, etc.). Below are some measures aime at mitigating the effects of climate . A change on water: Reuction of direct discharges of wastewater into the sea. Use of reclaime water to combat marine intrusion.

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Improvement of the guarantee of water concessions to resist droughts. It must also be taken into account that the negative effects BLB Directory of climate change will coincide with  . A foreseeable increase in the demand for water, due to various . A factors: Impact due to reuction or . A suppression of the fluvial environmental flow regime.

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