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Affection due to the drying up of rivers or decrease in flows. Overexploitation. Interdependent wetlands of aquifer systems. Marine intrusion due to excessive pumping of groundwater. Impact on the state of surface waters. Wastewater treatment: a quality issue Wastewater treatment has varying degrees, depending on public health, environmental, and recreational reasons. Broadly speaking, through the use of technology, we must try to minimize both the economic costs.

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The use of chemical substances. The basic wastewater treatments are liste below: Preliminary: filtering and removal of sand. Primary: simple settling of solid materials in a primary settling compartment. Secondary: additional removal, through SMS Gateway Brunei biological processes, of dissolve organic material. Tertiary: removal of specific pollutants (phosphorus, nitrogen, industrial, etc.). Processing of solid material.

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Sending digeste sludge to incinerators and landfills or using it in agriculture, as soil amendments and fertilizers. The adaptation BLB Directory of each Hydrographic Confeeration to the nees of water reuse The reuse of water in Spain is characterize by clearly showing aspects that can be improve, such as those that are liste below: Deficiencies in the management and exploitation.


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