Obligations Such as Going to Their Job

The nee to have a senior management representative whose task is to inform them of issues that affect the EMS remains. Organizations that wish to opt for this type of badge must guarantee full compliance with environmental legislation, including the conditions of their licenses and authorizations, having establishe proceures in relation to this matter. The involvement of workers is one of the cornerstones of EMAS and goes far beyond.

It Should Be Note

What is establishe in ISO 14001. It implies their active participation in many of the actions to be undertaken as a consequence of the EMS as well as in the preparation of the declaration environmental assessment or initial Saudi Bulk SMS environmental assessment. This is due to the fact that EMAS considers them an element of guarantor force in the improvement of environmental behaviour.

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That Employees Will Also Have to Comply

This involvement should go beyond participation and also consider the elements of internal communication. With respect to BLB Directory external communication, the organization shall demonstrate that it maintains a dialogue with intereste parties about different elements of its environmental performance. The last of the changes introduce by Regulation (EU) 2017/1505 is in relation to the so-calle Audit Program.


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