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Due to all of the above, it is increasingly common to hear about “learnability”, a neologism not yet accepte by the Royal Academy of the . A Spanish Language and which is a direct translation of the Anglicism “learnability”. Basically we could say that it is the ability to learn effectively throughout life and that it has a lot to do with the individual attitude towards acquiring new knowlege, as we explaine in a previous article on this Cerem blog . Companies are moving from viewing development.

The Rights to Respect

Training as a one-off and sometimes incidental event to viewing learning as a deliberate and strategic business process. Proof of this are some of the main tools that organizations use to facilitate and stimulate continuous learning Bulk SMS Service in Sri Lanka among their employees Corporate universities: where employees can find and access a wide range of training programs, both face-to-face, virtual and hybrid or “blende”. The face-to-face campuses of . A these corporate universities have classrooms.

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It is Important to Know and Respect

Laboratories and workshops equippe with modern and adapte furniture that encourages student participation and . A helps make learning as experiential as possible. In the virtual campuses, the self-training programs with the BLB Directory possibility of self-management . A that are develope through: “Training pills” with videos, presentations . A and relevant articles, always well classifie by subject and relate to each other . A depending on the subject and skills to be develope.


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