How to Become a Digital Marketer

At a time when rival brands had yet to grasp the importance of digital activation, Dove used provocative, stand-out creative which quickly caught the attention of the public and its target audience. As a result of the Real Beauty campaign, sales for Dove jumped from $2.5 to $4 billion in the campaign’s first ten years. Dove bars became the number one preferred soap brand in the U.S. and Unilever’s bestselling product company-wide.

A Spotless Approach to Digital Marketing

Again, this was a first new database for the industry and a clever activation technique, illustrating. Dove’s ability to pivot to video content in response to its growing consumption trend among this age group. This project has evolved to tackle key issues head-on that matter to its community and audience.

Never afraid to take risks

new database

Dove’s 2023 campaign is a short film (that went viral on social media) ‘Cost of Beauty’ to address the rise in youth mental health issues linked to social media. (Be aware the contents of the video contain sensitive content about body appearance). While certain aspects of social media can promote creativity and connection for young people, data has shown toxic content online is harming the mental health of today’s youth. If there isn’t real change, young people will continue to pay with their wellbeing.” explains Alessandro Manfredi, Chief Marketing Officer for Dove. “We have a responsibility to act and support. A safer environment on social media, helping protect young people’s mental health.

This means going beyond individual

interventions to drive systemic change.” 2. A strong emotional connection with their customer. Dove demonstrates an acute understanding of customer insights in every iteration of its messaging. Digital BLB Directory marketing campaigns are clever, insightful and ground-breaking, such as their 2015 . Speak Beautiful campaign, where they partnered with Twitter to help counteract negative tweets about body image and to also respond to these tweets in real-time.

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