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Posted by March 22, 2023

Prospects for the development of banking technologies in Russia in will be determinedly two traditional topics: the impact of the regulator’s initiatives and advance developments. Share: Identification bassoon biometrics In all banks will be able to work with biometric data currently work is underway in Russia to create a unifidbiometric system. Only credit institutions including the pilot group now have full information about the planndexchange formats with the system. The rest can get primary information through communication with IT companies that work with top players. As soon as biometric identification becomes mandatory the banking market is waiting for a redistribution of the customer base as citizens will be able to choose a bank and become its client remotely.

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Increasing competition for the user with new more attractive conditions products may help financial institutions retain loyalty. But ultimately banks will have to rush to implement biometrics. IFRS From January a new international standard is being introducing Russia which will lead to significant changes in accounting and reporting. The transition of Barbados Email List banks to new requirements will affect not only the accounting methodology and reporting but also business processes and accounting systems. Credit organizations of the CIS have been keeping records on IFRS for a long time. The adoption of the European standard in Russia suggests that Russian banks are getting closer to the world community and the global banking industry is becoming more and more unified. There will be only one year left to adapt to the changes.

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Given the scale of the requirements this is not so much. In order to report under IFRS banks will have to update software that automates the entire process for them. IFRS documentation should be studidnow. It is BLB Directory quite complicatdand those who will train specialists in this area in advance will win. In addition it is worth keeping in touch with trust software vendors since they have all the necessary competencies. Blockchain will be markdby the emergence and implementation of new systems using blockchain technology. In my opinion the use of this technology for the internal purposes of the organization does not make sense.

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