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Let’s go through its main characteristics and requirements and see how the server differs from the DVR. Main characteristics Before choosing a suitable video server you should carefully study what hardware is installe. To do this you should look at the following parameters: CPU; motherboard; RAM; HDD; power unit; LAN card. Some parameters may not be too high. It all depends on the number of cameras the streams in them what is the general and detaileresolution. It is also important to consider the storage time of the archivevideo. Baseon the storage you can organize an ftp server for remote access to video files. Among the processors the Intel Xeon family is best suite. The motherboard should be selectebaseon the following requirements: Corresponds to the selecteprocessor. It has enough RAM slots including for expansion.

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There is a requirenumber of seats for hard drives or storage systems RAM depends on the selectemotherboard. It must be at least DDR. The volume can vary from GB to TB. If you neespeeand frequent Estonia Email List use of the archive then it is better to use an SSD. You can install an HDD if you want to save money and the above options are not so important. The volume is selectedepending on the duration of storage and what RAID is useRAID RAID. At least power supplies are recommendewith sufficient power supply for the server. The network card is selectedepending on the number of transmittestreams from the cameras.

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The Internet connection line must meet the same requirements. The case must have adequate ventilation and a cooler as well as all the necessary slots for accessories. It is better to have an additional uninterruptible BLB Directory power supply system. System requirements The operating system is selectedepending on the installesoftware. You can install both Windows and Linux Mac OS and other common types. In addition you should pay attention to the following: As the camera regularly writes. What permission should be for the main and additional stream. How many days the archive is kept. Does the equipment have motion sensors.

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What picture will be displayeon the monitor. Do you neeremote access? The system requirements of video surveillance servers also depend on the amount of equipment. The more cameras the higher the requirements for RAM network card storage capacity. Thus a video server in hour recording mode with an archive capacity of up to a week and Full HD resolution will be sufficient with a data transfer rate of Mbps. This is taking into account that no more than cameras will be serve. A network card will be enough for Gb s data volume for TB and RAM for channels of GB each. In this case the processor must be at least Xeon Silver. GHz with cores for threads. For a large number of cameras over it is better to use servers already. At the same time each of them must have a minimum bandwidth of Mbps.

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It is better to install both network cards from Gb s RAID volume up to TB RAM for two channels GB. Processors are the same as above or better. Types of video servers Modern video servers use Fiji Email List open interfaces. This makes it easier to connect to new cameras or other devices. It is easier for specialists to develop their own software. These servers are easier to manage and personalize. In total there are types of this equipment: DVR; IP; NAS; cloudy. The difference between them is only in the form of data inputoutput interface. DVR DVR is an outdatetype of interface when in conjunction with a DVR a regular computer is useto display an image on a monitor.

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Such cameras are controllevia a PC. The signal is sent to the monitor and outputs a digital image. This type is slowly being replacebecause the equipment only works on old equipment. IP IP means direct BLB Directory access to a local network or the Internet. This type of server is only suitable for special IP cameras. In this case video equipment can be controlleremotely from any place where there is an Internet connection. Such cameras can have their own IP address memory speaker even a microphone for audio communication.

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The device may also have additional connectors for sensors. IP servers are most often usein modern apartments or houses. Some networks even use their own DVRs. Due to the convenient round shape such cameras can be useas a peephole. NAS The NAS server allows you to combine the surveillance equipment itself with hard drive units. This type of camera is capable of playing back and recording video on its own. With a NAS data is easier to store faster to deploy and easier to manage. They are suitable for small and medium equipment. There are video servers with a readymade builtin program. It will be enough to install the camera and connect it to the network.

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It will broadcast from any gadget with the Internet turneon. Cloud The easiest to use and do not require additional hardware are cloud video servers. They write all the data to the cloud for which it is enough to know the IP cameras. You can control the equipment as well as view the recordings even from your phone using special software. There are many Finland Email List cloud services. Most of them have trial periods and for additional conditions they usually ask for a subscription fee. Find one that suits your individual needs. What are servers for? The main functions of video servers are processing video streams from cameras and storing the receivedata. At the same time the more data needs to be processeand storethe higher the requirements for equipment. Image quality also affects the stream.

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A p and higher picture takes up more space so not only the data rate is important but also the volume. Also with the help of servers you can manage data from video cameras. In most cases the Internet special software BLB Directory and the IP address of the equipment are enough for this. In addition devices have the ability to conduct video analytics. Differences between a video recorder and a video server In addition to servers you can also use a DVR. True the second is more suitable for private use than for business projects.

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This device has a number of differences in functionality In addition to being smaller and cheaper the recorder has a reducenumber of options. Unlike the server it: Can only record and view video. Cannot conduct complex data analytics. Doesn’t handle large volumes well. Does not know how to work with a huge number of cameras. It does not cope well with highresolution pictures and a large number of fps. Its advantage in addition to its low price and low weight is ease of maintenance and adjustment. The video server storage is much more reliable than the registrar there is a camera distribution system. Such equipment has fault tolerance.

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In addition to recording and viewing it can also store data. Servers are capable of scaling images in good quality are completely autonomous in service and have integration. You can manage them using a special business application. How to choose First of all when choosing a video server you should pay attention to the characteristics. To do this first find out: How France Email List many cameras will be serveby this equipment. What image quality is needefor two streams: main and second. What bitrate and codec are suitable. Do you neevideo analytics? If so how difficult should it be? How many seats are needefor online recording monitoring. How long do you want to keep records. Baseon these data select the appropriate processor motherboard. Calculate the number of power supplies for optimal power supply. If necessary select an uninterruptible.

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Decide if you neea fast SSD or an HDD is enough. The amount of device memory is determineby the amount of data to be store. The higher the timing the more memory will be neede. The quality of the network card BLB Directory affects how fast the stream will be processe. The higher the data rate the higher the quality. Even the simplest video card will do the main thing is that it is not integrate. The remaining components are selectebaseon the selecteiron. See if you neemotion sensors or other additional devices. Video surveillance servers are purchasefor processing recording storing and analyzing data from cameras.

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They can transfer information either locally to a computer or via IP or cloud. Some devices can be immediately equippewith a NAS. For private owners and small businesses a regular DVR is sometimes enough. While large firms will neeservers. specialists will help you to advise on selfassembly of equipment as well as select a readymade solution. They will select devices according to your needs and budget. Error correction code ECC memory with error correction mode. It is often usein workstations and servers. The device is representeby a small board with solderechips. The difference between this type of memory and the standard one lies in the additional block. It is responsible for detecting bugs and fixing them. One common cause of data corruption is cosmic impact.

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It carries with it elementary particles that can affect the operation of microelectronics. A prolongeexposure causes a change in the state of the memory cell. This distorts information and leads to various problems. How ECC memory works Information is transmittethrough bits. They are considerethe smallest unit of data in a computer. The binary code is representeby Georgia Email List a combination of one and zero. The grouping of bits produces a binary code or words that are passeto the processor for processing. The memory in question has several features that should be taken into account: parity check is carrieout; the system generates an additional bit that determines the parity of the rest but it is not enough to correct the operation of the hardware there is an interruption of the process.

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Modern systems move data in large blocks. The combination of bits is callea machine word. Instead of one bit additional ones are forme. If a serious error occurs the system can only terminate the process. The most BLB Directory effective approach to correcting errors is selectedepending on their type. Considering the operation of computer systems and servers it is assumethat the probability of two inaccuracies in one machine word is minimal. But in modern conditions a large data stream is being processe. Many older systems only reporteerrors that could not be correcte. Modern technologies record correcteerrors and uncorrecteones.

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There are several different standards. The most common include: SATA has a maximum speeof rpm IOPS; SAS has a speeof about rpm or IOPS with a strong hum; SATASSD is considereoptimal as the drive delivers at least IOPS but the offer comes at a cost. The main base is recommendeto be placeon drives such as SSD. They have a high speeof input and output of information. At the same time the read delay is minimal. For database copies a HDD is installesince they are cheaper. Net All individual blocks and sources of information are combineinto one system. If the network is characterizeby low bandwidth some data may be lost halfway through. In many cases a highspeecustom switch is installe. Bandwidth at least Gb s. If the database is small a Gbps network is create. All other equipment must comply with the expecteflow of information.

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To compensate for the load an additional controller is installer the network element. Server installation After selecting and purchasing all the equipment you will neethe appropriate software. The installation distribution kit can be obtainefrom the C user support website. The software supplier provides an option for creating a technological platform El Salvador Email List creating an enterprise database for Windows and installing a bit version of the C server. Despite the detailedescription of the software installation and debugging may be difficult. To solve many you will have to contact a company that provides the relevant services.

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Today it is difficult to imagine a large enterprise without its own server. This is due to the large amount of information that comes from various departments. It must be systematizeand processe. You can solve BLB Directory all the set business tasks with special C software. The system can be adapteto different loads. Recently safety has become an important point which is being paid more and more attention. CCTV cameras are installein shopping and business centers on the streets parking lots and even in private houses. The more recordematerial that needs to be storethe more powerful the server hardware needs to be.

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RDisadvantages of software virtualization: the distribution of resources is uneven; some servers may slow down during operation. Hardware Here the hypervisor interacts directly with the hardware. With the help of physical capacities a standard operating system is installethen individual virtual machines are deploye. All services have their own operating system. Advantages: full distribution of the resources available to iron; all virtual machines operate independently of others. One machine has no effect on the other. Flaws: the technology is inferior in speeto its competitors; it is requireto fully. Distribute physical resources between servers which is more difficult.

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You neeto manage the operation of all guest operating systems. To get rid of some of the above drawbacks paravirtualization is use. The principle of operation of this technology involves the transfer of some tasks to Denmark Email List be performeby the guest operating system. This speeds up the work. container There is a special container here. uns on the kernel of the host operating system. It is useto isolate the virtual space. It is not the hardware that takes part in this but the OS. Thus if it is possible to install an operating system on a machine that differs from the host one then this will not work when using a container.

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This is due to the fact that it does not have a full OS as is done in VPS but a system with a limitenumber of functions. As a rule they are enough to run certain applications. The most common options include: OpenVZ runs on Linux and is free; LXS several Linux operating systems are being launched; Docker application in container. What is a virtual BLB Directory machine and how does it work A virtual machine is a space that is allocateon a separate section of a hard drive. For an ordinary user everything looks like an imitation of a computer with an operating system and hardware. The use of virtual machines makes it possible to test any software without the neeto launch and configure additional devices.

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The launch of the virtual machine is carrieout through virtualization under the control of a hypervisor that distributes power. This is one of the main elements that allocate the necessary RAM and physical memory for the operation and execution of processes. In this way load optimization is carrieout so that there are no failures due to lack of resources. Types of virtual machines Virtual machines can be classifiein several ways. If we distinguish types by virtualization then here we can note software and hardware VMs. Functional distribution is also possible. Here classes of machines are distinguishethat are responsible for one process as well as a class that is responsible for the functioning of the entire OS. The difference is that the first machines run by running a specific program or application.

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Often they work exclusively in special virtual machines. They connect directly to the hardware. The second class acts as an operating system emulator. In addition machines can be divideby storage Djibouti Email List and network virtualization. In the first case several physical drives are assumeand in the second the creation of a common virtual network that includes several physical ones. Benefits of virtual machines Taking into account all of the above we can note rather significant advantages that virtual machines have: A virtual machine can be made on almost any hardware. A server createin this way can work with all types of operating systems.

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If for the user the issue of time is of high importance then the virtual server becomes the best solution which also helps to save space and money. You can install old software on a virtual server. This BLB Directory is a great option that helps eliminate the neeto maintain legacy hardware. Starting and configuring a virtual machine is much easier. This allows you to save time after unforeseen situations and problematic moments in the work. Disadvantages of virtual machines There are main disadvantages that have a significant impact on the choice of this way of working.

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The first is a decrease in the speeof operation and a decrease in its stability if several virtual machines are running on the host. In this case the main operating system starts to noticeably slow down. To avoid such a situation it is necessary to purchase expensive equipment and create limits for users which will help maintain stability. The second drawback is that even with high hardware power the virtual server will run more slowly than the host. This situation is due to the fact that an intermediary is requirefor the operation of the virtual machine and its connection with the hardware. There is no direct contact which necessarily leads to a decrease in efficiency.

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This explains why sometimes programs and applications start to slow down on a virtual server when compareto working on the main OS. Support for the operation of a virtual server is justifieif it is necessary Dominican Republic Email List to conduct software health checks on different operating systems including Windows Linux and others. It is also suitable for those who want to create several machines baseon one physical one which is economically justifie. This method is not always suitable for cases where high power is needebecause virtual machines are slower and do not reveal the full potential of the equipment. Some connection options are quite simple and users do not neeto figure out how to turn on the server or start a separate machine for a long time.

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The virtual machine is a modern and useful solution. One of the most common examples of its use is BlueStacks products which allow you to run Android applications on Windows without complex BLB Directory BIOS settings. A server is a special computer that is designeto install certain software. As a rule he performs exclusively professional tasks. Compareto a home PC it is representeby a combination of special hardware stuffing. Today servers are assemblefor specific tasks. One common example is the installation of C software. What are servers for s Professional C programs are usein enterprises to solve business problems.

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To implement their capabilities a separate server is require. Only professionals can create them and install the software. It also takes time to set up. A modern C server is a program that works with C databases under the control of a DBMS. In this case the user can run the program on Microsoft SQL Server or Linux PostgreSQL. This is requirefor solving various professional tasks. Installing a web agent is possible with any scope of work. However only medium or large companies can cover the costs. The database becomes available to or more users. With a smaller number a base is sufficient which is formeon one stationary computer. Why do you neea C server in an enterprise.

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To solve the set business tasks software is requirewhich is covereby the license. It is relateto closesource. With sufficient funding developers are constantly working to increase the degree of protection of their product so hacking from the outside is almost impossible. Attention is also paid to stability and security. Data cannot be lost even if critical Dubai Email List errors occur. Periodically an update is releasewhich must also be installeby the service. As for tasks they can be different. Often a single database is createthat can be usefor information exchange and data processing. The configuration is selectetaking into account the characteristics of the business itself. Advantages of a dedicateserver under C A dedicateserver has many advantages: performance. In a large organization each employee has their own workplace with a computer.

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To reduce costs buy an inexpensive system unit with minimal performance. But many business processes involve the processing of a large amount of data so individual PCs are connecteto one server BLB Directory that takes care of the processing. As practice shows it is much easier and cheaper to increase the capacity of one server than to combine everything into a single system. Safety. As previously noteit is safe to use C clientserver. Developers are constantly working to protect their product. The probability of data copying is minimal subject to all the requirements for using the system. Each employee can have access to certain memory sectors.

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Ease of administration. Any large organization is representeby a complex system. The flow of data and its processing must be monitore. Ease of upgrade. If the enterprise is doing well after a while the scaling stage begins. It often involves the creation of more jobs. Upgrading won’t be a problem. In general we can say that a professional product is designeto solve complex business problems. For this the latest version of the system must be use. Server cluster C A large organization requires a range of professional solutions. The software and hardware complex is representeby a combination of several elements: special software C Server; a device that will process requests and tasks; a server to store all the necessary information.

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Server responsible for virtualization requirefor the formation of a feedback tool access to software; a cluster group representeby several workstations. The requirements set largely depend on the capacity of the enterprise the number of workers and the amount of data. However a large number of programs server performance is not always Ecuador Email List appropriate. Purchase installation and maintenance are complex and expensive processes performeby specialists. Server configuration C Work on creating a server involves the installation of special equipment. It is combineinto a local network with the allocation of certain access rights for each participant. Various sources of information can be connecteto it.

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In the field of sales for example these are terminals. The neefor terminal servers arises only in some cases: Constant scaling of the business with its rapid development. The office and other production areas of the enterprise do not have space for equipment installation. It also takes into account the moment that a lot of noise appears during server BLB Directory operation. Clear system administration is require. The manager should be able to flexibly configure access rights and capabilities. The cheapest way is to bundle professional software with Windows Server. But this option is characterizeby the fact that there are difficulties with the settings so many prefer Linux systems. How to choose a physical server for C One of the main selection criteria is performance.

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It is relate to the peak load the maximum number of calls and processes the total number of connect users and the volume of the generate database. It should be borne in mind that the current load indicators will increase over time. Therefore the server is selectetaking into account the further scaling of the business. When choosing a large number of different indicators are taken into account. This is due to the fact that the server is represent by a combination of several modules. RAM Almost all systems have RAM. It is represent by a highspeemodule which is responsible for the rapid exchange of information between individual blocks. Desktop computers have RAM.

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For a system that is designator simultaneous work of people at once at least GB of RAM is require. This is due to several things: the database requires at least GB; for the operation of the OS itself you hereabout GB; software requires at least GB. The constant exchange of data determines the growth in the neefor RAM so if you take into account the likelihood Egypt Email List of scaling you will hereabout GB. If there is not enough RAM the system will begin to freeze heavily. Data processing can be difficult. CPU Today processor manufacturers have begun to use modern technologies. If just a few years ago most chips had only cores then many options from the budget segment already have cores.

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If the company employs no more than people a processor with cores is enough. When installing chips of the latest generations option is suitable. Solutions for large enterprises have up to cores. They provide a large margin of performance. Small requirements for the processor are due to the fact that the system solves simple tasks. Basically BLB Directory there is a transfer of a large amount of information. Drives Storage is requireto store information. About of the speedepends on the module. When choosing you neeto take into account not only the volume but also other parameters. Modern technologies allow you to create a RAID array of TB or more. But if you use old equipment data exchange will take a long time.