Challenges Faced by Security Guard

According to today’s technological advancement, it’s difficult to replace guards completely. Maybe someday, we will achieve such sense of consciousness or get close to it. The human involvement is always in priority in the security guard industry. Having security personnel provides you with a sense of assurance that no volume of technology can. There is no doubt that automation will enhance the ability of security guard companies to perform more with less human intervention.

Challenges in Security Guard Industry!

As we know, technology has its limitations that never take place of human observance. The real-time response and decision-making ability are still missing in the automation process. As compared to a guard, it’s easy to dodge robotic technology. Therefore, most of the security guard firms company data¬†avoid automation because of its hackable nature. A clever robber/ criminal may easily dodge the technology and execute his criminal activity. A burglar will think twice before attempting any unlawful activity against personnel rather than automated technology. Another reason to not applying the automation in the security guard industry is to be costly.

The Security Industry

Data Security Services Group” has also implemented automation and AI system in its business framework. We have applied “EYCIR” application which is designed smartly to resolve employee attendance related issues in the company. Now, employees can easily mark their attendance by just BLB Directory scanning a QR code from their smartphones. The user-friendly interface of EYCIR makes it an optimum solution for attendance related problems. We have also integrated a live tracking application in our framework to get the live location of riders.

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