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Facebook mistakes that limit organic growth

Do you know the worst mistakes on Facebook that we make when looking to improve organic reach? If you are interested in achieving organic growth on Facebook and leveraging the flow for your blog or promoting your offline events, this post gives you several specific and practical ideas. Facebook mistakes today is one of the social networks with the greatest reach worldwide and we have to know how to take advantage of it. So we will talk to you about a series of mistakes that you should avoid to achieve the desired organic growth.

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A guest author, Graciela , a professional who has been managing clients’ Fan Pages and their Facebook Ads campaigns for years, so I hope that You may find all the company data advice he gives us in the post useful. Most publications continue to seek to promote a value proposition (the brand, the product, the business, the service). There is nothing more annoying when using the networks than the promotion or sale of products or services. A business that hires us to generate publications for its networks and limits us to exclusively publishing its product, with its logo, with its news, is really putting the noose around its neck. I know it’s difficult, it’s been my turn, but it’s not impossible to make them see that Internet users will not read those posts.

Facebook mistakes today

FB has so many locks that cool photos with phrases no longer. Have the reach they had until a couple of months ago. If I am a community manager and I insist BLB Directory on publishing only. Community manager content, I will not have the results I expect. If I am a writer and I publish exclusively content written by me, it doesn’t work either. I need to generate social impact through my publications. I need interaction from the users who will really be the ones. Who generate the chain action that Facebook’s locks cannot stop. A traditional business model focuses on maximizing profit. While the social model is measured, grows and evolves by its impact on the community. 

How to make a Social Selling strategy for beginners

What is Social Selling or social selling? Do you know the steps to create a Social Selling strategy? Would you like to maximize the sales of your online company through a social selling strategy? In this guest post we tell you some steps to take into account when creating a Social Selling strategy and its benefits. How to make Today we have a guest author, Ennio Castillo , to talk to us about a topic that is very fashionable: Social Selling. This is not a post for experts on the subject, if you are the article is not for you , but if you are one of those who do not have much idea about.

Social selling the content

Could be very useful to see what it is about, its benefits or the steps to create a strategy. Let’s start! The generation of content within an Inbound Marketing executive data strategy , without a doubt, is important; but it’s not everything. There are also other crucial aspects to generating sales, especially if you are a professional who offers your skills as a service. Social Selling goes beyond a Social Media Plan, and that is why in this article we are going to learn what it is about, its benefits and how to propose a strategy of this type to attract more and more leads. Brands today must be in greater contact with their audience and, surely, you already know it.

How to make you manage

One of them, you probably already have a presence. On social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but are you. Doing everything possible to connect with BLB Directory your community? Social Selling is nothing more than taking advantage of. Social networks to tune in, on a more personal level.  with potential clients. If you take advantage of these contacts to detect opportunities. While connecting with your followers, you will eventually be able to boost your income. Yes, it sounds a bit cold but, in reality, it is completely the opposite. It doesn’t matter if the business is B2C or B2B, the key to a Social Selling strategy is that there is always a human on the other side. 

It doesn’t matter where you come from

Do you think people are born lucky or do they work for their luck? In this post I tell you about my professional career so that you can see that “it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you have done in the past, but rather where you want to go or the goals you want to achieve. My personal Storytelling. Well it’s my birthday, this month my blog turns 3 years old and I’m very happy because it’s a sign that this bet has been successful and it seems to be moving forward (one of my successful parallel projects ). To celebrate this moment I have decided to write my most personal post to date.

I think it could be

Motivation for many people who doubt their abilities, if this is not your case this post is not for you Yes, we have been here for 3 years, and many good things have executive email list happened, but also many bad things. And sometimes I feel that people only see the good things and it seems that everything is always going well for me, that “ I was born with the lucky star .” But that’s not the case, my life in the last 20 years has changed a lot and I have done EVERYTHING to get to where I am today. So, I want to tell you my personal Storytelling, so that you can see that not all of us have had a marketing career , and that you can still stand out in this medium.

It doesn't matter well

From the bottom, I have suffered many difficulties, but I have. NEVER given up looking for something better for me and I think. That has been what has led BLB Directory me to get something that I really like to do . That’s why I always say get out of your comfort zone, no one is. Going to do it for you! We all have a dream as a child and this was mine. My adolescence was a little different from that of my friends, many wanted. To buy their motorcycle, start going out, go flirting, etc. Well, what happens in these ages, right? However, since I was 6 years old I had a dream which was to be a soccer player and, from .

How to calculate the profit margin of a product on Amazon

How to calculate the profit margin of a product on Amazon. Easy, right? Well, the truth is, it’s not complicated but it’s easy to forget something. I recently calculated the. Therefore, margin that different products leave me on Amazon. This will be 2 or 3 weeks ago. marginsAdobe Stock Photo Rights The conclusion I drew from here was to discard a category of products that was supposedly . Therefore, giving me little benefit. A couple of days ago I realized that I had miscalculated the margin.


This is how the calculation is done How to calculate

How to calculate the profit margin of a product on Amazon.  Sale Price including VAT  Amazon Commission  Fulfillment company data by Amazon Commission if you do FBA Sales VAT (you pay to the state)  VAT purchase (the state returns it to you)  Transportation. Therefore, shipping cost of proportional purchase for each product  Shipping cost proportional to the Amazon logistics center of each product – Product cost with VAT = Net profit Well, we already have it. It is not complicated but you can easily forget some details that make . Therefore, you discard or mistakenly think that you are making money when you are losing it.


Sell ​​own brands with products of a product on Amazon

When you see videos on YouTube of people . Therefore, who make a BLB Directory  living in marketplaces , everything seems very easy. The vast majority of these Youtubers come from the United States.  which ensures we have sales in Europe until the last moment. bootstrappingAdobe Stock Photo Rights Starting on the 24th, sales will probably fall by 30-40% because Spain will be the .

How to get reviews on Amazon cheaply

It’s curious, I say. To position yourself on Amazon you need ratings and sales . When you start from scratch you don’t have one thing or the other. Therefore the doubt arises. How to get it? amazon reviewsAdobe Stock Photo Rights One thing Amazon doesn’t like too much is sellers proactively asking for reviews for their products. Even pay for it.


How not to get reviews on Amazon How to get

So here’s what everyone does. Give . Therefore, away the product executive data to receive reviews in return . In order not to run the risk of having a penalty from Amazon, you cannot demand it. That is, you cannot say “if you value me, I will give you. It’s nothing. Therefore, more than, “I’m giving you this and if you like it, it wouldn’t hurt to leave me a review…” You understand me, right? Another thing is to ask for evaluations in a specific geographical area. 


Difference between functional and emotional Amazon cheaply

However. When I say “economical” in the title of the post BLB Directory c I don’t mean that it will be free. You will have to give away or offer your product at a great discount. In functional products such as paint, tape, scissors, etc. It may be enough to just offer a large discount rate because sooner or later everyone needs them. Therefore, away.

My top 3 metrics to increase the turnover of my store on Amazon

You may not have realized it, but yesterday was the only day in years. Therefore, in which I was not able to schedule the daily post in advance. I was in bed with one of these strange viruses and wanted to die. Amazon metricAdobe Stock Photo Rights Well, it seems that I am already improving although it is still a bit difficult for me to think. 


Well, today I will be brief and present My top 3 metrics to increase

Well, it seems that I am already . Therefore, improving although it is still a bit executive email list difficult for me to think. Well, today I will be brief and present to you my top 3 metrics that help me increase the turnover . Therefore, of my store on Amazon: Rotation . I’ll settle for a low margin of 10-15% if in exchange the product is sold practically daily. Metric: sales/day. Catalog . The more products you have, the more you sell. It’s a little more complicated but once you’ve spotted what’s selling it’s a matter of getting more of it. Metric: number of products in inventory.


Add Your Heading Text Here of my store on Amazon

Is extremely important to have an impeccable seller reputation to BLB Directory achieve more sales and appear. Therefore, more in the Amazon Buy Box .Now you are more or less clear about what I am focusing on. It is true that there are many. Therefore, more and that everything counts. If you have these 3 under control, you already cover at least 60% of what matters Amazon. 

Challenges Faced by Security Guard

According to today’s technological advancement, it’s difficult to replace guards completely. Maybe someday, we will achieve such sense of consciousness or get close to it. The human involvement is always in priority in the security guard industry. Having security personnel provides you with a sense of assurance that no volume of technology can. There is no doubt that automation will enhance the ability of security guard companies to perform more with less human intervention.

Challenges in Security Guard Industry!

As we know, technology has its limitations that never take place of human observance. The real-time response and decision-making ability are still missing in the automation process. As compared to a guard, it’s easy to dodge robotic technology. Therefore, most of the security guard firms company data avoid automation because of its hackable nature. A clever robber/ criminal may easily dodge the technology and execute his criminal activity. A burglar will think twice before attempting any unlawful activity against personnel rather than automated technology. Another reason to not applying the automation in the security guard industry is to be costly.

The Security Industry

Data Security Services Group” has also implemented automation and AI system in its business framework. We have applied “EYCIR” application which is designed smartly to resolve employee attendance related issues in the company. Now, employees can easily mark their attendance by just BLB Directory scanning a QR code from their smartphones. The user-friendly interface of EYCIR makes it an optimum solution for attendance related problems. We have also integrated a live tracking application in our framework to get the live location of riders.

6 Ways to Make Your Security Stack Work Harder

Third-party intelligence. The rundown goes on – and now and again despite everything you discover your stack missing the mark with regards to verifying clients anyplace they get to the web or internet.

Fortifying your security stack doesn’t mean a monstrous upgrade or lost customization and control. Look at these 6 different ways to intensify and expand your stack with cloud security from Cisco Umbrella.

Use open APIs to extend 

Security appliances. Danger insight stages. Indeed, even custom, in-house apparatuses. You’ve effectively made interests in your security stack. Presently you have to enhance them with the most open stage in the business.

Worked with a bidirectional API, Cisco Umbrella effectively coordinates with different frameworks in your stack, so you can expand insurance from on-premises security machines to gadgets and locales past your edge – and intensify ventures you’ve officially made. Automatically convert executive data neighborhood risk discovery and insight from your current frameworks into worldwide danger avoidance to ensure branch workplaces, telecommuters, off system clients, and visitors.

Influence the Cisco security portfolio for quick,

Odds are, there’s a Cisco arrangement or two in your stack as of now. Notwithstanding intensifying your ventures with other security suppliers, we make it simple to change, update, or adjust any of your Cisco answers for better security over the endeavor. Our portfolio reconciliations broaden BLB Directory your assurance past the border. They help authorize strategies and consistence, ensure and control cloud applications, secure visitor Wi-Fi, and interface you to an amazing system of worldwide risk knowledge.

Automation is The Next Big Thing in The Security Guard Industry

In this era, automation is one of the most essential requirements for every organization. Security guard industry is also not untouched from this technical necessity. To enhance the protection level against criminal activities. Automation is the next big thing in the security guard industry. Over the past several years, we can see the technological advancement in the sector. The surveillance cameras and motion sensors are the finest examples for it.

Due to the increasing number of criminal activities that occur around the globe. Business owners and individuals are getting more conscious about their safety than ever before. The artificial intelligence is set to be the next big thing in the security domain and it’s on the path of replacement of human security guards. For instance, “Bob” is the first robotic security guard invented in the United Kingdom. It is a $12.2 million pilot project at the University of Birmingham.

Current Scenario of Automation!

At present, the security guard industry is adopting new technology that. Will help to ensure optimum safety & security at the site. Devices like wireless HD the CCTV camera, drone surveillance, motion detector, and wireless home monitoring robot are one the newest inventions. With the help of executive email list advanced technology. We will get intimation as soon as there is a criminal incident. Technology advancement helps in improving the quality of guarding services. Moreover, the existing large manpower also gets an opportunity to up-skill themselves and progress to engaging employment conditions.

Security guarding framework

Artificial intelligence and automation can replace security guards completely. In addition to “Bob”, The Vigilant Mobile Camera Platform (MCP) is another example of a mobile BLB Directory robotic security guard. Latest technical inventions in the security guard industry can monitor & authorize entrance and departure of visitors and other persons. After the implementation of AI & Robotics in the process, the need for security guards will get decrease.

Artificial intelligence applications

A website builder is a tool that, as its name suggests. Therefore, Allows you to build websites, especially if you are not a programming specialist. If you work in the digital market. Or are taking the first steps, you must have already. Realized that having a good website to show and. Sell your products is essential to achieve success. But, the problem is that many people think. Therefore, That to create websites you have to be a specialist in programming and web development. Or hire a professional in one of these areas. That makes many people delay in having their own pages. And this is where web page creators come in . Offering the opportunity to create incredible sites without. The need for codes and in a simple way within everyone’s reach.

How to create images using AI through Remini

Now that you know what a website builder is , we are going to explain. Therefore, What type of sites you can build with them. Digital portfolios With the digital transformation company data that humanity. Has experienced in recent years, portfolios have. Become fundamental tools to show the quality of the work of various professionals such as copywriters. Therefore, Designers, translators and editors. Digital portfolios are very fashionable because they can. Be accessed quickly and easily at any time and anywhere. Landing Pages Capture pages or landing pages are essential. To capture leads and you can use them at various times in your business strategy.

Is Remini safe to use

The time has come to give you a tip that is worth gold and answer the million-dollar question. Therefore, Which is the best website builder for your business? As you BLB Directory can imagine, there are many tools and programs of this type today. But in this post we are going to talk to you about one that. Without a doubt, has everything you need to build web pages and sell more . Therefore, We are talking to you about nothing more and nothing less than Hotmart Pages . The web page creator designed by our specialists and the digital market. It is a simple, practical and intuitive tool. Designed for content creators. Who are not specialists in web design and development. As well as for those who still work alone or have a small team.

What is Google AI chat

Data analysis tools allow you to process essential information to understand. Therefore, The progress of your business. The functioning of your strategies and the adjustments necessary. To improve your results and achieve your objectives. Knowing how to access and interpret. The data of your digital venture makes. The difference to succeed in the digital market. And to achieve this, it is essential to have good data analysis tools . Therefore, With that in mind. Hotmart created a new solution to help its users understand and manage their data. Hotmart Brain.

How secure is Google AI

Therefore, As their name indicates, data analysis tools are those that allow you to process. Manage and understand data sets. They constitute an important part of any executive data business. Because they make it possible to make well-informed decisions that directly impact results . Therefore, But, it is worth noting that. There are not only data analysis tools for marketing and sales. It is also possible to use them in other areas such as academia. Finance, and the legal field. Nowadays, large amounts of personal and other data are handled. Therefore, it is essential to have this type of tools. There are even areas dedicated. To data analysis such as Data Science and Big Data. As well as legislation that regulates data privacy and security .

How does it impact content marketing strategies

We already explained what data analysis tools consist of and now. We are going to show you some of the main advantages. Therefore, They can bring to your business. Making better decisions If you have access to reliable data. You will BLB Directory  be able to make important decisions. For your business that are better informed and more likely to be successful. Risk reduction This point is closely related to the previous one. Therefore, Since by making better decisions, you significantly reduce. The possibilities of taking risks that. Can cost you dearly in terms of financial and human resources.

What is gamification

Therefore, Planning activities and tasks plays a very important role when organizing work teams . Define activities in accordance with both corporate and group objectives . Therefore, And distribute them to the collaborators best suited. To carry them out, promotes the speed. Quality and efficiency of internal operations. Planning activities means managing the available inputs and establishing. Therefore, Priorities in an organized manner and focused on the maximum quality of the results. Thus, the planning process is crucial both. In the personal and professional environment.

What does gamification mean

Strategic planning consists of an administration and management tool that allows. Therefore, Organizations and entrepreneurs to obtain a global. Vision of what they need to executive email list obtain to achieve a certain result. Likewise, it is essential to detect opportunities. Imminent threats and establish goals and objectives for the future. Therefore, Among the most effective family, personal. Professional and commercial planning methods to adequately plan a project, an action or measure. We highlight the effectiveness of the SWOT analysis . It is even important to highlight that, despite its versatility. The model is much more used in the corporate environment, regardless of the size or sector of the business.

What is the goal of gamification

Planning is part of the routine of any healthy business. Therefore, As it helps make relevant decisions both in its initial stages and to ensure its continuity later. In addition, it offers BLB Directory great benefits. Meet them below! 1. More organized task execution By planning excellent activities. You will be able to organize your business more easily. In addition, planning all the necessary steps to put the business idea. Therefore, Into practice allows you to create more precise action plans. Manage tasks and increase productivity . At this point, it is worth emphasizing that it is easier to complete a task. When you know the workflow and the inputs necessary to carry it out.