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Include in the resolution of October 17, 2014, workers will be entitle to two local holidays of a paid and non-recoverable . A nature that will depend on the municipality of the . A workplace. And you, did you know why sIn February 2012 work began on the publication . A of the new version of ISO 14001 (in English), one of the most widely use international standards. This review, which is carrie out on a cyclical basis.

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Has been especially necessary in this case, given that, on the one hand, the develope world and its organizations have Bulk SMS Myanmar undergone numerous . A changes and environmental awareness is practically incorporate into business management .On the other hand, it was necessary to involve the developing countries that have become the preferre recipient of the new eition of the standard.

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Having joine this trend. This is essential, given the intrinsic global . A nature of the environmental issue, which implies that inadequate BLB Directory performance in one . Apart of the planet could affect the entire planet. The new version is . A expecte to be available by the end of 2015 . At the moment it is in the period of incorporating comments.


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