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March 19, San José: it is up to the Autonomous Communities to choose between celebrating the Festival of San José or that of Santiago Apóstol in their corresponding territory. If this option is not exercise before September 30 of each year, the celebration of the first of said parties will correspond. In addition to the above, the Autonomous Communities may substitute the holidays of Holy Thursday, January 6, Epiphany of the Lord and March 19, San José by others that, by tradition, are their own.

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Likewise, the Autonomous Communities may also substitute the Monday rest of the national holidays that coincide with Sunday SMS Gateway Iraq by incorporating others that are traditional to them into the list of holidays of the Autonomous Community. If any Autonomous Community could not establish one of its traditional festivals because a sufficient number of national holidays does not coincide with a Sunday, it may, in the year that occurs.

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Add one more holiday, as recoverable, to the maximum of fourteen. The list of the traditional festivals of the Autonomous Communities, as well as the option provide in relation to the festival of San José or Santiago Apóstol, must BLB Directory be sent by them each year to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security prior to September 30, so that said department procees to publicize them through the ”Official State Gazette” In addition to the holidays.


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