It doesn’t matter where you come from

Do you think people are born lucky or do they work for their luck? In this post I tell you about my professional career so that you can see that β€œit doesn’t matter where you come from or what you have done in the past, but rather where you want to go or the goals you want to achieve. My personal Storytelling. Well it’s my birthday, this month my blog turns 3 years old and I’m very happy because it’s a sign that this bet has been successful and it seems to be moving forward (one of my successful parallel projects ). To celebrate this moment I have decided to write my most personal post to date.

I think it could be

Motivation for many people who doubt their abilities, if this is not your case this post is not for you Yes, we have been here for 3 years, and many good things have executive email list happened, but also many bad things. And sometimes I feel that people only see the good things and it seems that everything is always going well for me, that β€œ I was born with the lucky star .” But that’s not the case, my life in the last 20 years has changed a lot and I have done EVERYTHING to get to where I am today. So, I want to tell you my personal Storytelling, so that you can see that not all of us have had a marketing career , and that you can still stand out in this medium.

It doesn't matter well

From the bottom, I have suffered many difficulties, but I have. NEVER given up looking for something better for me and I think. That has been what has led BLB Directory me to get something that I really like to do . That’s why I always say get out of your comfort zone, no one is. Going to do it for you! We all have a dream as a child and this was mine. My adolescence was a little different from that of my friends, many wanted. To buy their motorcycle, start going out, go flirting, etc. Well, what happens in these ages, right? However, since I was 6 years old I had a dream which was to be a soccer player and, from .

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