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When we want to set up an online store , we face many dilemmas. One of the most important dilemmas we face is choosing the right online store software. A well-chosen sales platform influences many of our activities, and the CMS we choose stays with us for many years.

We have to take into account many factors, cost, ease of use, built-in integrations, impact on positioning and many other elements affecting the functionality and positioning of an online store . The following short overview of selected platforms will help you make the right decision when choosing a platform.

Presta Shop is a Very Popular Online

The choice is based on our experience with positioning online stores Ws Database over recent years. In addition to the platforms that dominate the Polish e-commerce market, such as Shoper or PrestaShop , we will also look at less popular choices.

Free online store scripts are very popular and are a particularly good solution for those who run small businesses or are unsure of profits in the first months of sales.

The lack of fixed license or subscription costs is a key criterion for many businesses when choosing a platform. However, it is worth remembering that if we decide to use a free online store, we will incur additional costs in the form of paid modules or hosting, and each additional functionality of the store will be at additional costs.

A Multitude of Modules Providing Additional

Many of the free CMSs have a huge community behind them, which BLB Directory makes it easier to find help with installation and in case of potential problems with the configuration and operation of our online store.

It is also worth distinguishing between stand-alone licenses and ready-made e-commerce solutions based on a SaaS license. In the first case, we have to take care of many elements ourselves, while SaaS licenses provide support for our customers by selling a ready-made online store with appropriate integrations. Positioning e-commerce based on closed SaaS is difficult, but also possible.

Data that is visible from the perspective of professional tools will be discussed, and in-depth analysis will allow you to draw conclusions based on which you will obtain practical tips.

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