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In this difficult time, some e-commerce market players gain and others lose. However, e-commerce companies may be the only ones that will emerge safely from the corona crisis.

Businesses that have already sold online have a distinct advantage because they have been able to react faster and adapt to the increased demand for e-shopping.

The period of increased e-commerce shopping is also a challenge for companies that, in order to maintain the current quality of customer service, must simultaneously handle a larger number of orders than before.

Opportunities and threats for online stores

Ensuring a wide selection and availability of products is especially important today for Ws Data customers who can easily abandon the process and start looking for products in other stores.

The issues of finalizing orders and delivery are also an aspect in which a lot has changed. Reducing cash payments in favor of online payments, as well as offering contactless delivery options, are now almost mandatory solutions.

Take care of your visibility
It is not only the issues of work organization that keep e-commerce owners awake at night. How to stand out in the era of so much competition, much more so as more and more businesses move online?

How to prepare practically

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First, you need to start by taking a look at your marketing strategy. Am I present in the BLB Directory channels where my customers are present? Does the store’s position in the search engine allow it to attract a satisfactory number of customers?

The next step is to take active action. You need to improve the elements of your website as soon as possible to strengthen its positioning in the Google search engine. It is now a place that Internet users use much more often than before.

How to prepare practically?
If you are a client of the SkyShop platform, the iCEA Group has prepared a special offer of expert SEO consultations . During the conversation with the SEO analyst, the situation of your website will be checked in terms of positioning.

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