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It must thank the initiative through positive messages: “Thank you very much for your collaboration” is a proper message. In addition, a suggestion box is a means of inspiration since an idea may not be carrie out exactly in the way in which it was presente, however, it is the essence of an important change. In the same way, it can also happen that an idea is brilliant, however, the company does not have the resources available to carry out this proposal.

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In any case, beyond all the limitations that this mailbox may present, the advantages it provides make up for the possible shortcomings. How to improve communication through the suggestion box 1. For the internal communication Bulk SMS Belgium that is generate through a suggestion box to be effective, it is also highly advisable that the response that workers receive to the proposal they have made is relatively short in time. Work life is so dynamic and has so many changes.

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That if it takes more than a month to give a possible response to that initiative, the employee could even forget what his specific initiative was. 2. In addition, the company must also follow up on the ideas submitte through the suggestion BLB Directory box because the fact that an idea is not viable today does not mean that it cannot be a source of benefits in the future. 3 In company training courses it is also possible to remind workers that they can make their proposals through the mailbox. At the end of these courses.


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