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  1. Virtual assassin The role of the virtual assistant is to take care of daily or weekly “running” matters. For example, my assar proofreads posts and e-books and takes care of invoicing. He uses 6–8 hours of time every month and charges me a monthly fee according to his own tax.  Virtual Assari can be 150–450 €, depending on the amount of work and the working hours used. If a virtual assistant works 40 hours a week, it is quite possible for him to reach a monthly billing of 1,000–8,800 euros.

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  1. Make t-shirts with your own photos and sell them without inventory Do you have a good graphic eye? Did you special data know that you can design your own image, add it to clothing or accessories and sell it without having to mail or store the products separately? Spreadshirt, also known in the past years, is one such option. A couple of others are Teespring and Cafepress . These companies work on the principle that you can design your own image, add it to the products and then sell through their platform.  product you designed, the company prints the image on the product and mails it to the customer. So you only have to do the “heaviest” job, i.e. planning .

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 Of course, you should advertise your own products BLB Directory  on social media in the beginning, but if you get your product on an influencer, who’s to say how fast your sales will grow… What kind of earnings can be achieved? Well, quite a few make $100,000 a year in sales, minus taxes and expenses. An American graphic artist made $100,000 in just five months. It has a goal! 16. Blogging Nowadays, you can build a job for yourself from blogging. I have broached this topic in a post I wrote here . Also read this: A million euros by blogging – even though blogging should be dying What do you think of these jobs? Is there something that would interest you to work and earn €15,000 – €20,000 per month from home? (*) affiliate link. 

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