E-commerce Tools During the Pandemic

The majority of society took a very practical approach to protecting themselves in the face of the pandemic. We limit contacts with other people, follow government recommendations and shift our work to home office mode. The digitization of society and business is the most important issue at this point.

The Results of the Latest Report. Of the Chamber of Electronic Commerce “E-commerce in Times of Crisis 2020” Clearly. Show That the Situation Will Strengthen. E-commerce in Poland and Will Also Change. The Purchasing and Decision-making. Habits of Poles.

This time full of uncertainty can also be a moment of reflection on your own business. Nobody was prepared for such a situation. Even the most experienced are lost right now and wondering what the future holds.

Business versus coronavirus

The winners will be those who adapt the fastest to the new realities Whatsapp Database by providing value to consumers. The fight for consumer attention was dissipated by the flood of information about the coronavirus. In this regard, it is worth being guided by knowledge and experience, not fear and panic.

In the case of transactional messages or notifications, the matter is easier – it is important to focus on the simplicity and readability of the message. At the same time, it is worth ensuring that you maintain the tone in which your brand communicates.

It may seem that 160 characters are very little, but applying certain copywriting rules will allow you to build a complete and coherent message. In the case of advertising messages, you need to remember several important elements.

Customer says I’m checking

Whatsapp Number List

The first aspect is the sender field, which will make the SMS BLB Directory credible in the eyes of the recipient. Hardly anyone likes receiving anonymous messages – the lack of a signature or a sender field that does not inspire confidence may result in reluctance and irritation of the recipient, and this is not the effect we want.

Secondly, it is worth using a personal greeting at the beginning of the message, e.g. “Hi Marta!”, “Dear Mr. Paul!” – thanks to this, you will make the recipient feel special and more willing to read the content. By using data from the contact database and parameters, the shipping system will automatically complete the message content with matching values, e.g. customer names.

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