The Different Territorial Entities

In short, it is a matter of establishing a control panel of indicators in relation to the different attributes to be controlle, including a range of admissible values ​​and the necessary proceure to evaluate the degree of “intelligence” of the same. Among these attributes necessary for the characterization, public service networks, comprehensive systems, universal accessibility, urban planning and land use planning.

The Lack Of A Solution

Public buildings, mobility, management of municipal assets or energy and space could be mentione. environment. An aspect considere essential by all experts in relation to “smart cities” is the use they make of ICT. For this, it is necessary SMS Gateway Hungary that they are provide with the necessary infrastructure and digital services, such as sensors in buildings.

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There Are Especially Differences

Other elements of the city or the use of a “cloud” that allows information to be share and the use of resources to be optimize. both natural BLB Directory and social. The mutation of what are traditionally considere “human services” to “smart city” services is not exempt from certain risks that must be assesse in order to cover possible contingencies.


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