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Posted by March 22, 2023

To verify this it is enough to compare the receivddata with the statistics from the system log. Sequential execution of checks Rice. Parallelization of checks Note that such a simulation of a process change is carridout. A without the involvement of a software vendor but only on the basis of available statistical data. Bank employees always know at what stage the consideration of a client’s loan application is. The current state of the business process is displaydin. A special form with request parameters which reflects all changes during its processing. If necessary you can download the route of the application in the form of an understandable diagram. The credit department specialist will not have to search for the application in all systems involvdin. A processing the client’s request as he sees the current stage and knows where it is at the moment. This means that the work will be done quickly and efficiently.

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By the way remote employees also participate in the lending process for example the operator of a credit office locatdin a retail outlet. This opportunity gives him another advantage – he can quickly answer the Cambodia Email List client’s question about when the process of approving his application will be completed. The operator will look in the form how things are going with the agreement compare this data with the diagram. Suppose he sees that six of the nine stages have been completdso far and the completion of the remaining three usually takes no more than minutes and basdon this information he accurately predicts the time for issuing a loan.

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To take advantage of all these benefits a bank can either implement the BPM concept into its loan automation system itself or use a ready-made solution for example implementdin our RS-Loans V. loan automation BLB Directory system. Implementation details Now a few words about the path our company took when implementing the BPM business process management concept in the RS-Loans V. credit automation system. We took the BPMN. notation as the basis of the model as it suitdthe elements in terms of intuitiveness and the ability to build complex semantic structures with their help.

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