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That are often unattainable. or ridiculous. This is a big mistake of organizations: not knowing how to convey to employees the importance of preparing and complying with budgets . Budgets are made to translate the strategic objectives formulate by top management into numbers – so this would be its first advantage: it forces top management to “get wet” and do their job. Let’s remember that the company’s objectives must be achievable.

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Measurable and translatable into numbers – it is the only way for the organization to be able to mobilize the necessary resources to achieve those propose objectives. If senior management has not done their job well and the objectives Bulk SMS Qatar are unattainable, they will not only have a negative effect on the motivation of those responsible but also cause unnecessary resource mobilization.

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Having said this, budgets are the main tool to communicate the objectives to the entire organization and to be able to motivate BLB Directory employees , who will know what they have to do during the year. With the budgets, those responsible for meeting objectives will ensure that the necessary resources are mobilize for their activity (that they do not lack any but that there are no duplications). During the year, those responsible.


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