Them Until the Finality of the Sentence

Collaborate with more affordable campaigns (if they cannot reach employability) such as “There is a way out”, also promote by the Ministry of Health , Social Services and Equality. This project has a more eucational nuance and is made up, among other elements, of diptychs and posters with a message of hope. Companies can collaborate in disseminating it within their buildings and giving two very important messages to their employees.

Declarative Trials in Which the Debtor is a Party

Information on where and who to go to (telephone 016) in case they are aware of or protagonists of a case of gender violence, and expressing active and publicly support the victims. Within this information campaign, the Bulk SMS Bahrain ministry has made merchandising material available to companies , consisting of badges and bracelets with the motto Hay Salida.

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Processe Before the Same Court That is Hearing

Employers can distribute them among their employees so that they are also part of this work of dissemination and awareness BLB Directory about abuse. This is a very simple but very important way to tell victims that they are not alone. Regardless of this public initiative, some multinationals have been providing meical, psychological and legal support to any member of their workforce.


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