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Action Plans for the implementation of the contents of the training and development actions . In this way, the conditions are facilitate to put new knowlege into practice in the workplace. “Learning by doing” or learning by doing is essential to avoid forgetting or wasting the efforts made during training.There are also other types of more innovative initiatives such as: being an assistant to the Director or CEO for one day , working one day a month in another department.

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Even exchanging roles with a client or supplier to learn about the company or the manufacturing process. and service as a whole. In this new organizational vision of the learning process as something continuous and strategic, the Bulk SMS Portugal different agents involve in it begin to play new roles: The company’s management must consider human talent as its main asset and therefore its recruitment.

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Promotion and retention must be primary objectives for any member of the management committee. The Human Resources department BLB Directory must promote the philosophy of continuous learning through the innovative practices that we have previously mentione and that are characterize by their more universal and collaborative nature.


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