It May Carry Out an Employment Regulation File

In fact, there are references to its widespread use in the trade union societies of the Middle Ages. Some companies make job rotation almost a mandatory rule for all employees after two or three years in the same job. Mentors: as we mentione in another article on this Cerem blog, mentoring programs are increasing in companies, and through them the transfer of knowlege is facilitate by the most veteran or expert employees. Assignment to special projects.

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Such as inaugurations, commissioning of new technological systems or industrial facilities. This practice allows great opportunities Bulk SMS New Zealand for professional development since the stressful pace associate with this type of project provides great learning. “Newsletters” or Periodic Bulletins: through timely, synthetic and attractive communication about the different challenges.

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Each Worker Will Be Entitle to Receive

The company or project, relevant information is sent to all levels of the organization. Professional social networks , platforms such as BLB Directory Linkein, Scoop, or even Twitter allow sharing knowlege, good practices, news, regulations, etc. Many companies choose to create discussion groups within them le by their own experts and open to the entire community.


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