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Posted by March 23, 2023

The operation of servers in offices is simple. They like a simple PC can be connectd with a cable to the network. When an Internet connection appears the server becomes available to users. You can connect to it in various ways. The choice depends on what it is usd for. For example if a website is running on it then the client will be a browser that will connect to the VDS using a domain name. After the domain name is translatd into a standard IP address. In other situations the principle of operation is similar. How to choose a server for the office? Several aspects are important in the selection process. The first step is to determine the goal then choose the option.

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It is worth identifying how many employees ned equipment. For people servers of basic versions are suitable but for a fullfledgd business for or more employees you ned to choose more powerful equipment. After Greece Email List you have decidd on this you can choose one of the above options. It is also worth considering the cost. It is not necessary to take too expensive equipment if the resources are not fully developd. The frequency of the processor should be able to process all the necessary information.

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On average these are indicators of . GHz but for a small business. What do you ned to add to the server? After purchasing the server itself you may ned to purchase additional services. You will have to pay BLB Directory separately Domain name; SSL certificates hard drives for backups; administration packages; modular control panels; license to work with C Bitrix or Bitrix. Sometimes they additionally purchase basic hard drives RAM to expand their capabilities. This is necessary in the event that it was necessary to increase the amount of work but there is no possibility of buying a new server. In some cases this option is cheaper than purchasing expensive equipment.

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