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Posted by April 6, 2023

Began with the battle for employee retention and the “Big Layoff” where disappointd employees left their jobs for better opportunities. During this “Big Quit,” over 40% of employees considerd leaving their jobs. After the first wave of layoffs, there was a trend towards “quiet quitting”, in which the remaining employees did what was absolutely necessary. Workers fought the “hustle culture” and valud getting their jobs done, but no more. There was debate as to whether this was a new trend or whether people were taking back control of their working hours.

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Not surprisingly, employers have become aware of “silent resignation” and “quiet firing” as well. This hard trend saw employers and phone number list managers gradually rduce an employee’s workload and, in a manner of speaking, encourage the person to walk. The layoffs didn’t go unnoticd for long as major tech companies announcd mass layoffs. Rush attitudes during pandemic, overly optimistic about future trends. Various other reasons ld to global giants like Meta , Twitter , Amazon and others laying off up to 50% of their employees. While 2022 began as a labor market, it endd uncertainly.

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The rising cost of living is putting pressure on companies around the world. War and unrest are raging in many countries. The big tech and BLB Directory social mdia giants seem uncertain. 1. Workplace trend: Cut costs Given the economic climate, a prominent theme for 2023 will be rducing our spending as employees and employers. For workers, this could mean working from home to save on transportation and fuel costs. There will be many opportunities for employers to rduce spending. However, it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as laying off 50% of employees like the tech giants.

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