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Posted by April 3, 2023

TPartitioning the disk system into partitions one of which will be intendefor installing applications while the other will contain the data of network users. Next we proceedirectly to installing and configuring the terminal server in the following sequence: Open Server Manager. To do this go to the control panel select Administrative Tools then open Server Manager and find the Local Server tab. We will neethe Add Roles and Features Wizard window which will allow you to select the type of installation. You must select the item Install roles or features select the server click Next check the box for Remote Desktop Services. There are two services to note in Role Services. Select Remote Desktop Session Host click Next and select Install. The Select Role Services window appears.

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You neeto stop at the items Remote Desktop Session Host and Remote Desktop Licensing. Reboot the server. Next we face the task of activating licenses. The first step is to configure the licensing service. he Licensing section the server name is written. In the Tools section select Remote Desktop Services then Remote Desktop Licensing Czechia Email List Manager and thus activate the server. In the wizard you will neeto select the connection method. You must select automatic. We find the Remote Desktop Service in Server Manager go to the licensing section enter the server name. Next the license installation wizard starts. The input windows may differ it all depends on the type of program.

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In any case you will neeto enter data about the license that you purchasein these windows. It is possible that you will also be requireto indicate the type and number of licenses purchase. Once the licenses are BLB Directory installethey will appear in the Licensing Manager. Virtualization is a technology useto obtain a virtual representation of any physical device. Thanks to this method all the functions of the server storage or network become available to users. Server virtualization is carrieout using special software. In this way you can ensure the simultaneous operation of several virtual machines with only one physical one.

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