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Market expansion increases the nee for integration In 2006, Ancar Ivanhoe was experiencing a moment of great growth after the association with the Canadian Ivanhoe Cambridge. The malls manage by the company had their own IT structures and it was necessary to unify technology. It was then that IT managers went in search of an integrate management software, an ERP. Solution: ERP JD ewards to integrate the management of more than 50 units.

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It was then that MPL Corporate Software starte providing services to Ancar Ivanhoe. As Oracle’s number one partner in Brazil, the company implemente the JD ewards ERP at Ancar, one of the best solutions on the Bulk SMS Portugal world market. “We opte for the JD ewards, which was already use by our Canadian partner”, says Fernando Wanderley, CIO of Ancar. “JD ewards is use to run over 50 heritage management companies.

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It is also use in 18 of the group’s malls, each of which has three different companies”. Wanderley says that today there are more BLB Directory than 250 users of the JD ewards ERP in Brazil alone. “The biggest benefit was having unifie the work model in all our companies”, he points out. Challenge 2: A larger volume of information requires improvements in database management.


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