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The significant growth of the business, the volume of data produce by Ancar Ivanhoe also grew, and with that also increase concerns about information security. The nee arose to improve database management. “Our database management was carrie out internally, but by professionals who had to take care of many things at the same time and, consequently, this work could not be done with due attention”, explains the executive. Solution: Advance IT Database Management Service At this moment, MPL’s partnership with advance.

Out For Its Irregular Rainfall

IT came into play to provide the best database management service on the market to Ancar Ivanhoe. And Fernando Wanderley highlights the results that the company is already able to perceive tangible advantages. “We were Bulk SMS Iran able to better segment activities, thus meeting audit recommendations. We can also more quickly identify the causes when we have a performance issue.” When aske about the characteristics.

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That he would highlight in the service provide by MPL and Advance IT, the executive speaks of the feeling of partnership. “We know BLB Directory that we can count on MPL and Advance IT at all times, even if sometimes this involves out-of-hours or emergency work”. About MPL Corporate Software MPL Corporate Software is an information technology company that offers innovative and well-structure business management solutions.


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