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Engineering, in general, has facilitate or contribute to the progress of humanity. However, this same progress has ridden with the “taming” of the environment and now we find ourselves in the paradoxical situation in which the very quality of life achieve at the expense of nature is at the same time endangering itself.same. of modern civilization. Tame nature now shows a dangerously fragile.

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Face by ceasing to provide vital services for us: water and air purification, a stable and more or less preictable climate, effective pollination, biodiversity, abundant resourcesNeither the producers nor the developers nor the SMS Gateway Norway recipients of this progress were aware, until relatively recently, of the negative consequences of this production and consumption policy.

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Now yes, and each professional is require to share his part in the identification and resolution of the problem. At all times industrial engineering responds to its time and today a direct involvement is require in the search for BLB Directory environmental solutions looking at sustainability. Contribution of industrial engineering to the environmental problem Considering all of the above.


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