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It is logical to think that if there is a professional discipline capable of seeking sustainability solutions in management and production systems, that is industrial engineering. Its breadth of knowlege, flexibility of execution and inclusive nature allow it. The industrial engineer is the professional specialist in productivity and quality improvement. Today’s nees do nothing more than ask the industrial engineer for what has always been aske of him.

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Only now with a different, or rather, complementary goal. Thus, and in addition to being presente in the corresponding study plan, environmental engineering or focuse on it must be not only one more applie knowlege, but also Bulk SMS Slovakia an awareness and affirmation of the essential transversality of the environment . It is about applying principles of sustainability.

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Prevention and environmental resolution in each and every one of the points of professional practice. This is require by material, legal and moral necessity. Whether in planning, design, development, manufacturing, quality BLB Directory control, management, administration, etc. of an idea, process, product or system, the industrial engineer can and should present himself as an essential part of the achievement.


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