Which Are Not Always Received

Wastewater treatment systems, due to incorrect operation and lack of financing, means, controls, etc. Verification of uncontrolle discharges in municipal collectors, in such a way that the purification of municipal water and regeneration comparable to the quality standards establishe by law are complicate. Nee for investments. Nee to adapt the concession regime.

Unanimous Willingness To Collaborate

On the other hand, with regard to the river basin districts, specific problems have also been detecte in each of them: Cantabrian: lack of regulate resources and dependence on a single supply system. MiñoSil: reservoirs destine Bulk SMS Cyprus for hydroelectric uses, rather than reuse. Duero: non-existence of a reuse system. Pit: poor ecological condition and irregular supply.

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There Are Especially Differences

Guadiana: overexploitation of groundwater. Safe: increase in salinity due to water deficit. Reuse constitutes an essential BLB Directory part of the available resources. Júcar: nee to address the regularization of concessions and integrate the reuse of reclaime water. Ebro: non-compliance with provisional minimum flows and insufficient supply to meet demand. This analysis serves to study which technology introduction policies can help to achieve the goal of zero discharge.


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