Will Not Be Simple

As in this fable, a real dilemma face by many managers is how to manage the pace and priority between important issues , from a strategic point of view, and urgent . A ones, in terms of response time, without getting stuck. In practice, it is usually the abrupt don urgency who ends up getting past the cautious dona importante.

It Is About Betting On An Ambitious Water

In addition, many times strategic work ends up trample if it tries to make way, simply ignoring what is urgent. In this sense, the SMS Gateway Japan main obstacle that organizations face in concretizing their strategy are, in effect, the urgency and priorities . A that sow the day-to-day of any organization. The usual regret in the heads of many organizations is finding . A time to plan, design, define and review their business strategies.

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I have too many fires to be able to think about my long-term priorities!” they say. For this, there are some simple guidelines that can BLB Directory help us manage one and the other: The first is to be clear and realistic about long-term priorities. It is important to  . Aselect and focus efforts on key priorities. Trying to advance . A too many strategic initiatives can lead to deadlock. It is therefore important to establish an “A” list of initiatives to which we know we can deicate ourselves and focus efforts and resources on them.

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