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Both its inhabitants and all living beings in the environment are affecte by this poor air quality. Air pollution: problem, yes or no? It is a current issue and general concern. The presence, in certain volumes, of any element or substance that harms health, vegetation and the various ecosystems that develop on the planet is pollution. The air that we breathe is vital for the survival of all the species that inhabit the planet.

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Therefore, it would be very convenient and necessary for it to be free of contaminants. Air pollution in the city is generate Bulk SMS Bahrain mainly by vehicle traffic. Although, in certain industrial areas, the use of coal and oil for the combustion  processes of thermoelectric plants conditions the quality of the air. The use of heating and energy by individuals influences the sum of individual consumption.

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The more population is concentrate in an urban area, the more influence traffic and industry will add. Up to 93.9% of the Spanish BLB Directory population is expose to high levels of pollution. Regarding the damage to the vegetation and the various ecosystems due to contamination, up to 50.5% of the country’s surface is affecte. The limit values ​​for each pollutant.


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