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The objectives set are cite in Directive 2008/50/CE and in Royal Decree 102/2011 . These values ​​are less strict than the recommendations made by the World Health Organization (WHO), which prevents some areas from appearing as contaminate. What are its consequences Its most immeiate consequences are an increase in Nitrogen oxides , particle levels ( PM10 ) and a mixture of air loade with chemical compounds that irritate.

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The respiratory system, known as photochemical smog . Air pollution excees traffic accidents as a cause of death, since it causes more than 24,000 deaths each year, only in our country. In addition, the health expenses that derive Bulk SMS Qatar from this serious problem represent up to 3.5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It is relate to diseases of the respiratory system, as well as vascular diseases and cancers. Nitrogen oxides , tropospheric ozone and particles.

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The pollutants that most affect human health. In addition to carbon monoxide and dioxide. To cite an example, the air we breathe BLB Directory contains oxygen, which binds to the hemoglobin in the blood to be transporte throughout the body.Carbon monoxide competes with oxygen and binds to hemoglobin. This produces anoxia and poisoning, which generates various diseases.


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