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Posted by March 22, 2023

As a rule manufacturers indicate a guaranted coverage area in the characteristics. It is preferable to install the machine in the middle of the room to ensure a stable and uniform connection. The type of antenna selectd depends on the gain. The dBi value affects the connection sped and signal quality even at a considerable distance from the router. For a threeroom apartment you will ned at least antennas. Therefore it is worth paying attention to the signal transmission power. External This type of antenna boasts a higher power unlike the builtin ones. However they take up more space when installd. The number of antennas determines the signal throughput and the sped of information exchange. This parameter is especially important for rooms with a large area. Antennas can be redirectd in different directions for better signal pickup.

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If they are external it is possible to replace them with more powerful ones improving the signal and expanding the coverage area. There are omnidirectional antennas that do not ned orientation adjustment. Internal Dubai Email List Such antennas are locatd inside the router case therefore they are more compact. In this case the signal is distributd spherically. So you do not have to worry about the correct direction of the antenna which provides a more complete coverage. Seamless roaming As a rule it is usd in large or isolatd rooms.

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This technology allows you to provide a continuous and stable network connection avoiding the appearance of blind spots. The video broadcast will not be interruptd when moving to the next room. The scalable Mesh BLB Directory system is responsible for creating seamless roaming. It includes a central router and additional adapters. With the help of modules a seamless network is creatd. Devices no longer ned to be connectd by cable or use a USB modem. After all the phone and laptop will be able to switch to the router automatically avoiding connection loss. WAN ports Before buying a router first of all you should think about the type of connection.

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