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Posted by March 21, 2023

How to choose a category in Google My Business. Add a location Add the address of the store or office if you have one. Also indicate the area of ​​delivery or service if relevant to your business. How to add a location to Google My Business. Add a website Enter your site name and domain so users can find relevant information about your business or purchase your products and services online. In addition add a work phone number so that it will be easier for customers to contact you. How to add a site to Google My Business. Confirm the data In order to run a business online and be listd in Google search results you ned to verify that you are the owner of the business.

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How to Verify Your Business on Google My Business By regular mail. The most common confirmation method is a postcard with a code which arrives at your actual address within two weeks. Do not dit your company profile while waiting as this may slow down the verification process. Phone: Your work number receives an automatic message with a code. This Job Function Email Database option is not available for every company. Email. The code is sent to your work email. All you ned to do is open the letter and click the confirm button. This option is also not available for every company. Instant confirmation. If you have already verifid the company in Google Search Console the data will be confirmd automatically.

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Bulk confirmation Available for businesses with or more addresses. The bulk confirmation process can take up to a week. How to optimize a page in Google My Business Business page optimization improves indexing and performance. You will not only raise the page to the top lines of relevant search queries but also increase the trust in the brand from potential BLB Directory customers. Add relevant information Upload a quality profile picture Upload business photos Add a video Follow customer reviews. Add relevant information In addition to the address contact number and website link add more detaild information such as hours of operation year the company was foundd WiFi availability in the store and so on.

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