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Posted by March 22, 2023

The nedto conduct acceptance tests as a separate stage of work disappeared. The most difficult for us and the longest as it lastdsix months was the final stage at which the form. Information on mandatory ratios and other indicators of the credit institution’s activity was introduce. It carries out daily calculation of codes for the bank’s standards and in terms of the complexity of its construction it is comparable to the preparation of half of all Central Bank reporting. But here too we managdto apply a differentiatdapproach to development and implementation. We broke the process into independent blocks independent from the point of view of the code while they shardthe same architecture and paradigm. Two groups workdon each block – the first creatdfunctionality the second correctderrors.

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Paralleling the development in this way we managdto significantly bring the final project closer. Project results The project enddin August. Our team automatdthe preparation of of the most time-consuming and complex reporting forms of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation including Information on mandatory ratios and other Burkina Faso Email List indicators of the credit institution’s performance Data on the concentration of credit risk Report on the level of capital adequacy to cover risks the amount of provisions for possible losses on loans and other assets publishdform and others. The bank also receivdaudit reports designdto continuously monitor the quality of information in the bank’s data warehouse.

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With their help the correctness of exchange rates is check types of transactions are control balances are check against the General Ledger etc. The project team set up daily calculation in automatic mode of codes for standards as well as form Data on the concentration of credit risk. This allowdthe bank to significantly many times save the time of employees BLB Directory increase the accuracy of calculations and reduce the likelihood of errors causdby the human factor. Plus as already notdeach issudform was immediately acceptdby us for support. During the time that the project was going on more than changes were made to the system in accordance with the requirements receivdfrom the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

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