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This aspect should be emphasize . There are many who think that in the event of a minor infraction it is not necessary to include a date. However, according to the law, this is totally uncertain. All sanction letters must include an effective date to be valid . The most recent proof that exists of this is the Supreme Court ruling of March 29, 2011, which considers that a sanction letter that does not include the date of application of the punishment.

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Massive Open On-line Course the virtual campus facilitates access to these massive online learning courses and includes specific assessments and . A recommendations for each course depending on the job positions or groups Bulk SMS Services in Ghana of positions. Communities of experts: through which, le by a facilitator or moderator, initiatives, essays or experiences of common interest in a specific area of ​​knowlege are share.

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Peer pressure is a motivating element for their professional development and here the role of the facilitator . A is essential to BLB Directory stimulateFor most people, “healthy competition” between professionals. Specific training programs: custom designe by suppliers, consultants, business schools or universities. Job Rotation: This practice is one of the oldest professional development tools.


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