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In times of limited social contacts due to the coronavirus pandemic, search engine marketing and the e-commerce industry are gaining ground.

Further recommendations to limit leaving home increase the time we spend in front of screens – regardless of whether we use smartphones or a desktop.

Internet users’ search for new content means that the search engine appears on their devices’ wallpapers much more often. It is worth using this time to build the appropriate position of your store in this channel. Specialists from the ICEA Group can help with this, offering free consultations for SkyShop customers.

E-commerce versus coronavirus

E-commerce versus coronavirus
As the latest research shows Whatsapp Data Poles, wanting to ensure their safety, choose online shopping much more often. This is a convenient solution that allows customers to replenish their supplies without leaving home.

According to the new report of the Chamber of Electronic Commerce, “E-commerce in times of crisis 2020”, nearly 35% of Internet users stated that the current situation forced them to change their daily behavior and, consequently, their shopping habits.

Importantly, 45% of respondents indicate that due to the risk of coronavirus infection, they have decided to limit purchases in traditional stores.

Take care of your visibility

In turn, as many as 70% of people who decided to stock up online believe BLB Directory that online shopping is currently the safest form of shopping. These data clearly show that Poles are massively moving their lives online out of fear for their own and family’s health.

After every storm, the sun comes out, so you need to take actions now that will minimize the effects of the crisis and plan a strategy for the “post-crisis” period.

For now, it is worth using the slowdown to, for example, work on your visibility in search engines and improve your position against the competition, or plan high-quality content for the future. You can also take a look at the offer of tools that will take our marketing and sales activities to a higher level.

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